Craft Your AI Strategy

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“Craft Your Artificial Intelligence Strategy
As a CIO, you don’t need to be a mathematics genius or have a PhD in software engineering to make sense of AI for your business. You don’t have to make massive investments in infrastructure and personnel in order to start applying AI’s potentially trans-formative technologies.

Instead, you can draw on the experience and expertise you already have, in two key ways. First, you can assess which business outcomes would benefit most from AI. Second, you can evaluate AI as simply the latest advanced analytical technology that might help achieve those outcomes. Your main goal is to normalize AI planning and development for your whole organization, including leaders of data and analytics, applications and lines of business.”

Computer Vision

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“Computer vision has become a key product differentiator. Technology strategic planners can exploit multiple “onramps” to build competitive advantage using embedded device hardware and systems, apps, cloud platform APIs, advanced analytics packages, algorithms, and tools.”

Speech Analytics

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“Customer experience is the top area of innovation being pursued by marketing leaders. Empowered with larger budgets and spend directed toward innovation efforts, marketing leaders look to analytics for proof that customer experience investments pay off. VoC analytics is often used alongside customer journey analytics in order to evaluate the customer experience across touchpoints and over time.”