Augmented Reality is all about brining digital information and overlay it over the real environment. With the adoption of technology in every field, print media industry is also going through digital transformation. AR technology is one such factor which is impacting and transforming print media industry.

Complete immersive AR experience can be delivered using smartphones with camera and algorithm to recognize content printed on the page, and platform to process that digital data and renders corresponding interactive 3D content.

Bring stories to life – user focuses smartphone on the printed content and visualize interactive 3D content related to the story, which enhances the user experience


  • View 3D-Model of object in real world space
  • High Interactivity
  • Dynamic Contents
  • Real-time engagement with viewer
  • Voice interaction and narration of the text
  • Low degree of opacity of contents
  • Multi-media involvement, through video and audio
  • Contextual information

Usage Scenarios

  • Mobile e-Commerce
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Exhibitions
  • Education
  • In-Building Navigation