Speech analytics is the process of extracting meaning from audio recordings and analyzing it to find relevant business intelligence.


  • Speech to Text Transformation

    • Converts entire audio exchanges into standard text, and allows deeper data mining. Currently supports English and Hindi languages.
  • Phonetics identification
    • Identify predefined list of words, free flow text keywords, and sentiments of the conversation.
  • Emotion Detection
    • Gauge emotional state of caller by analyzing their voices for telltale variations in pitch or tone.
  • Talk-Over Analysis
    • Identify moments when caller and agent are talking simultaneously, an indicator of customer dissatisfaction. When neither of them are talking, it’s time to look for agent knowledge gaps.
  • Analysis Visualization
    • Intuitive graphic indicates how significant and how closely related the phrases are for phone call transcriptions.

Speech Analytics Flow

Usage Scenarios

  • Call Scoring – automate call scoring, reduce quality assurance cost
  • Agent Performance – assess agent performance, identify areas of improvement
  • Voice of Customer – analyze customer sentiment, improve customer experience
  • Compliance – reduce compliance risks associated with regulatory standards